To fill the loopholes in the real estate market and safeguard the customer from over budgeting in construction process.


Streamline the various processes in construction business starting from architectural design & visualization to its implementation.

Our Founding

HomesInfra was founded on 27th of May in 2013. It was started as a Real Estate platform which intended to provide all the services related to this sector starting right from the purchase of the property till its execution.

Early growth & funding

While being in the construction industry, we came across many loopholes embedded in it and so to get rid of them we came up with an idea and created an online platform where any home seeker can consult and shortlist professionals who will help them with converting their dream home into reality.

Our first round of funding came up in 2018 and with that began the development of new tools and implementation of our ideas.

Our first step in 3D Technology

With the great efforts of our team we launched our first service – Video Walkthrough & 3D View. Within months we improved our rendering quality and matched the world class level and optimized the rendering time by upto 95%.

Upgraded to Virtual Reality Technology

With painstaking research and great team effort we came up with the blend of Virtual Reality and 3D which is revolutionizing the process of construction by converting vision into reality.

Looking forward to MR Technology

Our Research Team with full efforts is working on upgrading to the Mixed Reality Technology which will link the 3D experience with the Hololens.

Our team is fully dedicated towards the fulfillment of our to be launched flagship product i.e. Mixed Reality.



Udit Pratap Singh

CEO, Homesinfra

Udit is a young business leader who is behind introducing the concept of HomesInfra. He shapes the vision, strategy and growth as we continually redefine the concept of modern housing and construction process. Besides that he also consult businesses.

Vishal Singh

Founder, CFO, Homesinfra

Vishal handles finance and marketing at HomesInfra. His vision is one of the major reason for success of HomesInfra.
At personal level he always seeks growth and find ways of actualizing his potential.

Our Investors

Krishna Agarwal

Angel Investor, HomesInfra

Mr.Krishna Agarwal is an Entrepreneur with a dream, originality and daring. He has vast experience in construction and interior design processes. He believes in making designs that inspires and touches the soul of his clients. According to him design represents the nature of the client. He goes for creativity rather than creating something unique because every creative design is in itself unique.
Director at Golden Laurel Inn & Motimahal Deluxe.
Director at Rishi Associates.
Managing Director at SKR Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Ankit Mazumdar

Head: Product innovation & Process Optimization

Vivek Todaria

Project Analyst

Abhishek Kumar

3D Designer

Abhishek Singh

3D Designer

Ashish Singh

Animation & Graphics Designer

Rashtradeep Tripathi

Full Stack Developer

Shritik Srivastava

Assistant Architect

Sandeep Gaur

Full Stack Developer

Ankit Yadav

3D Designer

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