About us

What is HomesInfra?


Our Vision

Streamline the various processes in construction business starting from architectural design & visualization to its implementation.


Our Mission

To fill the loopholes in the real estate market and safeguard the customer from over budgeting in construction process.


Our Values

Hassle free construction to shape dream into reality.

HomesInfra, an E-commerce construction platform that consults architects & interior designers according to your need and budget. We integrate & streamline the various processes in construction business starting from architectural design & visualization to its implementation, live tracking & payments of work through an online portal encompassing 360-degree involvement of all the concerned parties. Sweeping out all the loopholes between architect and interior designer and solving the problem related to their communication with you. We redefine the style and concept of modern housing. A home that you desire is a home that you deserve because we know want you want and what you want is a paradise.
We here in HomesInfra make sure that we shape your dream into reality as we consult the architects according to your need and with our dedicated team of professionals that work all along to give you a complete 3D video analysis of your home, leaving no doubts behind in your mind.

Meet our founders

CEO Udit


CEO and Co-Founder

Udit is a young business leader who is behind introducing the concept of HomesInfra. He shapes the vision, strategy and growth as we continually redefine the concept of modern housing and construction process. Besides that he also consult businesses.

CFO Vishal


CFO and Co-Founder

Vishal handles finance and marketing at HomesInfra. His vision is one of the major reason for success of HomesInfra.
At personal level he always seeks growth and find ways of actualizing his potential.

The HomesInfra Family

We have a simple philosophy : the best work comes from when the whole team works towards the achievement of one single goal.
There has never been a time when a career in Homesinfra was not a challenge that brought out the best in a team.

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